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Company Profile

Established in the year 1991 in one of the most prominent industrial areas in Vapi, Gujarat, we Nikunj Reinforced Plastics, are one of the established names in the field of manufacturing of pollution control and chemical equipment such as scrubber, PP-FRP blower vessel, FRP-HDPE tank, FRP cooling tower, vacuum notch, vacuum receiver, pipes and process equipment, which give solutions to various industries including chemical and allied industries. Our company keeps itself up to date with the latest developments in trends and technologies and incorporate these in our range of products. Our company is being promoted by Mr. Narottambhai M. Prajapati, a technocrat, who has started this organization after securing DME from V. V. Nagar. He is a Mechanical Engineer and pioneer in FRP technology in India. Having worked for many years in the same field in Vapi, he started this business in 1991. Today, we have achieved a great success under our name and tutelage of Mr. Prajapati.

At Nikunj Reinforced Plastics quality is not accidental, but it is the result of intelligent effort and it is our passport to prosperity. Because of the confidence of our customers in our quality, we have been able to strengthen our capacity and capability day by day, increasing various patterns of our products. Our quality and standards are difficult to beat. We are focused on anticipating our customers unique requirements and delivering excellent products that provide solutions and assist our clients stay steps ahead of their competitors.

Product Range

Our company is engaged in the manufacturing of FRP tanks & process equipment, which have earned a good name through its quality.

Some of the features include :

  • High Resistance
  • Corrosion Free
  • High Strength
  • Light Weight
  • High Die Electric Properties
  • Easy to Handle
  • Easily Repairable

The products are manufactured from top grade raw materials, which gives the product best performance with ease.

Some of the raw materials include :

  • Isophthatic Polyester
  • Bisphenol Polyester
  • Vinyl Ester and Epoxy
  • Resins and other
  • Engineering Plastics used as liner such as PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride), PP(Polypropylene), CPVC(Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride), PVDF(Poly Vinylidens Fluoride) etc.

Further, our company believes in satisfying our client’s requirements through the delivery of our range of products. We offer a wide variety of products, which meets our client’s requirements. Some of the products we offer include, FRP/GRP Pipes, bands & tees, PP/FRP Pipes bends & Tee PP/FRP Vacuum Notch & Receiver, PP/FRP Pickling Tank, PP/FRP Tank & Scrubbers, PP/FRP Blower PP/FRP Lining, PP Ducting, HDPE Scrubbers, HDPE/FRP Lining, HDPE/FRP Tank, HDPE Pipes, Bends & Tee Fabrication, PVC Pipes, Bends & Tee, PVDF/FRP Pipes, Bends & Tee, PVC Ducting, FRP Motor cover, Project & Maintenance Job, FRP/GRP Tanks, FRP/GRP Scrubbers,FRP/GRP Absorption Towers, FRP/GRP Drying Towers, FRP/GRP Exhaust Systems, FRP/GRP Ducting, FRP/GRP Mixer Settlers, FRP/GRP Hoods & Covers, FRP/GRP Corrosion Proof FRP Lining, FRP/GRP Air Blowers, FRP/GRP Floor Gratings Project & Maintenance Job and others.

Our Workforce

We possess a pool of professionals who together constitute our workforce. All the personnel are categorized in different teams or unions. To handle our business activities, we have created a concerted team of highly trained and professional members who are responsible to channelize our strength in a unidirectional way so as to ensure maximum productivity in minimum time period. Headed by most experienced and skilled leader, every team has a definite and crucial responsibility in the company’s day-to-day dealings. It is only due to the concerted and painstaking efforts of our team members that we have been able to keep pace with the current scenario and trends of the market.

Our workforce comprises of the following :

  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Technicians
  • Machine Operators
  • Quality Controllers
  • Researchers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Administration Executives
  • Customer Care Executives

Our workforce is committed to surpass all our client’s expectations. They ensure that the orders are processed efficiently and are completed successfully. To fulfill their responsibilities, they follow a business specialized approach.

To enhance the skills of our personnel we conduct regular training sessions and all of them are highly skilled in their respective domain.

Application Areas

Our range of FRP/GRP pipes, bends, tees and tanks are manufactured using hand lap and are widely acclaimed in the following sectors :

  • Chemical industries
  • Pollution control water and waste water treatment
  • Paper & pulp mills
  • Textiles
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pigments & dyestuff
  • Fertilizer
  • Electroplating paint & varnish
  • Food processing
  • Metallurgical
  • Railways
  • Engineering
  • Building construction
  • Metal and rare earth extraction

Why Us?

There are several reasons that make us more reliable and competent than our competitors. We have gained respect of our clients across the country because of :

  • Competitive Pricing
  • On-time Delivery
  • Customized Products
  • Commitment to Customer and Quality
  • Transparent Deals
  • Ethical and Genial Business Approach

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